Sunday, April 14, 2013

Things to Come...

Hello all!

I know it's been a while since I last posted, but that is because I have been hard at work!

I currently have a lot of pictures in many folders on my desktop, just waiting to have posts written about them, and I can't wait until I have the time to sit down and share them all with you!

I'll be posting about my prom dress, a replica Dolley Madison dress, and some historical accessories in the very near future, as well as instructions for how to make them.

In addition to that, I am continuing on with my undergarments kick, and I am in the midst of making side paniers right now, with a post to follow soon! I am following the instructions on another blog to make these, so when I post about them I will also link to the blog!

After that I hope to be making some petticoats, a quilted pocket, and maybe even a muff! Somewhere in the middle of all that I am also hoping to begin work on my next 1770's dress, so stay posted for all of those updates!

Have a happy Monday everyone! :)

UPDATE: I have started posting some of the stuff that has been mostly written up for a while now, and I am getting my pictures organized for everything else. I am finishing up a second muff, at which time there will be a post on muffs, as well as a post for pockets that just needs to have pictures imported. I am postponing the petticoats for a little bit (I was intending to make one for my 1860's dress, but I have just started work on my new 1770's dress, and I am going to try to finish it in 15 days. I'll be making a matching petticoat and possibly an apron for that dress, and I will be following one of the designs in Fitting and Proper. In addition to all of that, I received two wonderful graduation presents that I am working on a post for, I am going to be making another hat, and I was also able to see and photograph some antiques that I will be posting about as well. So until I finish up all of that, enjoy the new posts on my prom dress, the Dolley Madison Dress, and my side pannier hoops! Happy reading!