Sunday, August 9, 2015

Another New Shift!

Last year, I made a costume to wear to Renaissance Faires, and it required a shift to be worn under it. The sleeves of the shift would be visible, and my other two shifts just didn't have the look I wanted them to. So, for this year's Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, I decided to sew a new shift!

I used Burda pattern 7156 - my first time using a Burda pattern! Burda patterns aren't my favorite, but that didn't matter too much because I made my own alterations anyway. There's no elastic or anything inaccurate anymore. I wish I hadn't used the size suggested, the smallest size probably would have worked well for me - the sleeves are just a bit too poofy for my liking.

This was a nice afternoon project for me, and I am pleased overall with how it turned out. Even more importantly, I had a ton of fun spending the day at the Renaissance Faire with one of my best friends!

Me, holding up the shift before sewing the casings and putting in the drawstrings - it's huge!
The final product, worn with my Civil War era corset that I made a few years ago.
Last year's Faire, with Queen Catherine of Aragon.
This year's Faire!