Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sorry... I'm Still Alive, I Promise

I am very much aware that I seem to have dropped off the face of the earth recently. I went through a time where I was just swamped with life, and not doing much sewing, or much of anything even related to sewing really. There are six posts sitting in my drafts folder, needing to be finished up and made pretty, and there are pictures that I need to transfer from various devices to my computer, and then insert into the various posts. I also have two new (big!) projects to write about, and even more pictures that I need to take.

However, I can't upload all of my pictures directly to my laptop (Apple doesn't play nicely with others), so some things will have to wait until spring break. I am also going to be starting a class similar to the one that caused me to initially start writing this blog, and I would really like to get back to writing about history and historical sites as well as historical clothing again. So, with new sites each Saturday, I will be trying to write at least one post every week, as well as playing catch-up with finishing my old posts. That means that the next couple of posts might seem to be out of order or disjointed, because I will be publishing things as I am able to (in terms of getting the pictures and such), and that will not always be in the order that the projects were completed.

So, I apologize for my extended absence, and for the chaotic manner in which the next few posts will appear, but I have a lot of cool stuff to post, and there is lots more on its way! :)