Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Look at the Past

Even though I just started this blog a year ago, I have been sewing historical garments for six years, and I have been sewing for nine years. So, I thought I would give a quick overview of some of the other stuff I've made, and if anyone has any questions about anything you can feel free to comment and I'll reply!

Let's start at the beginning... This is me, age 8, in my very first sewn garment, a skirt! The material was really nice, a blue cotton with silvery-white dandelion puffs on it. It was an introduction to simple straight sewing, as well as sewing a drawstring and a casing. This is still hanging up in my closet :)

Me, age 8... yup.
So, I sewed a pair of pants after that, followed by a pleated skirt and a sundress, before deciding that I needed a colonial dress. I hadn't been to Williamsburg for five years, but when I was twelve we returned. I saw that they had a costume rental program, but it was out of our price range and really meant for smaller kids, so my mom suggested that I sew a dress of my own. She made one first for me, to see how hard it would be, and then I sewed one using the same pattern for my best friend.

Me, age 12, and Hopey, age 13
Hopey, TJ, and me two years ago! Our dresses still fit us, although I had just finished my blue dress and so I wanted to wear that. I wore my purple dress in December for the Illumination though!
Then, after a particularly cold December debut of the new dresses, I realized I needed a cape. So, I made one!

Brr! It's too cold for Hope and me to be out in just our dresses! (By the way, that's my Mom in the middle) :)

So I made a cape! This is my friend Nicole (we're practically sisters) playing with me in the Powell House, wearing my purple dress and a Civil War cape of her own.

Nicole and me in the stocks with our capes.

Following that, I made the blue Civil War dress that I've already posted about...

And then I made a corset, 1770's reproduction mitts, and a shift.

Of course, the corset is where my blog started covering my sewing life, and the prom dress, Dolley Madison gown, side panniers, pocket, muffs, and 1770's dress followed. And now here we are! I know that some of that stuff still needs to be posted, but all that is on its way. If you have any questions about anything I've sewn or posted pictures of, please just comment and let me know! :)

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