Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 11: Fave Friday - Favorite Fabric!

            It’s really hard for me to select a fabric that’s my favorite, but I’ll do my best!

-In terms of type of fabric, I absolutely love working with linen. It’s comfortable to wear, it’s easy to care for (just wash and dry it on hot before cutting/sewing!), and I can sew with it in any weather – I sewed the apron you saw yesterday in pouring rain! There are also multiple fantastic resources for linen, and it’s cheaper than wool or silk.

-In terms of an individual fabric that I’ve personally worked with, it’s still difficult to narrow it down, but I’d have to choose my sewing scissors cotton. I wanted a fabric that showed off my love of sewing, while being versatile enough for me to wear anywhere. I sewed a dress that I can wear to church, parties, or just around town, and I usually get asked if I sew/about my sewing when I wear it.

-In the miscellaneous section, I like fabrics with fleur de lis-esque designs, novelty prints, and anything with polka dots!

One of my favorite fabrics, a fleur-de-lis in blue given to me for Christmas (I made a dress for my birthday out of it!)

A hilarious novelty fabric that I own; I think the only way I could use it would be for ridiculous throw pillows or a pillow case!

A super cute novelty print I saw on JoAnn Fabric's website!

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