Sunday, August 20, 2017

Day 20: Not in a Million Years

There are very few things that I won't sew, but I always said that the 20th century was far too modern for my taste... and then I sewed a bunch of 1950's dresses. Then I said that I would never use synthetic fibers again, and I also said that anything pre-1955 couldn't possibly be flattering to me and... I sewed a dress for the Christmas Eve service that completely ignored both those declarations!

It started out when I decided I wanted one of the red dresses from the movie "White Christmas", but then realized that those might be a little over-the-top for a Christmas Eve service. So, I reevaluated my options, and decided to sew something inspired by them instead. I used Vogue pattern 2401, which is from a 1952 dress, and pulled some fabric in the most Christmas-y of colors!

Tigger helps me cut out the fabric, "What? You want me to move? But I'm holding down the pattern pieces!"

I only had two days to work, since I got started on December 23rd, but luckily the dress came together quickly!

The bodice looks like a crop top from a Barbie doll I had!

Dusty Rose kept me company while I hemmed and finished the edges. My cats are the best part of sewing at home!

The finished product on the dressform - having a dressform definitely made this project a lot easier!

I tried it on, did my hair, and then headed to church!

You can't wear a vintage dress without a vintage coat!

I'm really pleased with how it came out, and with how easy it was to sew! So, even though I swore off the 20th century entirely, I expect that I'll soon be adding a few more garments to the already sizable pile of "modern" clothing that I own.


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